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Bookmiser (Sandy Plains & 92) WED 8/31 7p

Catch Han Vance live at these fun book events:

1. A Cappella Books Atlanta (Inman Park)_5th of July

2. Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar Asheville_TUE 8/23

3. Bookmiser Marietta, GA (Sandy Plains & 92)_WED 8/31 (7-8:30p)

4. Decatur Book Festival at the Raw Spoon! booth_SUN 9/4 (1-4p)


Spoken Word/Cocktails/Coffee
in Atlanta

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Sep 7th Feature Performer: FOCUS
~Show starts at 7p at the John Wesley Dobbs location, at Freedom Parkway (& on Freedom Trail). Street parking. Show is free with a purchase from Condesa and will run until at least 9p.

Schedule for all 2016 FIRST WEDNESDAYS CONDESA:
1. September 7th: 3:30-4:30p (AUB) and 7-Close (JWD)
2. October 5th: 3:30-4:30p (AUB) and 7-Close (JWD)
3. November 2nd: 7-Close (JWD)
4. December 7th: 7-Close (JWD)
JWD = on John Wesley Dobbs
AUB = in the Daily World Building on Auburn Ave

Golden State Misadventures

“Golden State Misadventures” ~ Silver Stone Press

Every road trip has its own language and all of America deserves exploration of this dynamic debut book. In it, Han Vance chronicles the amusing and ultimately life-altering quest of a soon-to-be-divorced father from Atlanta as he travels turn of the millennium California, immersing in the urban grittiness of the Bay Area, glitzy yet morally ambiguous quirkiness of Hollywood, slow burn reclusiveness of the Emerald Triangle and practically everything else along the way. Already a cult classic of note on the West Coast supported by an extensive American tour, publisher Silver Stone Press is pleased to offer Vance’s edgy portrayal of the ragged glory of the Golden State.

Please BUY the book at ~ $21 signed, includes FREE US SHIPPING

Golden State Misadventures


Golden State Misadventures

5th of July 7p Event&Party for Han Vance: Golden State Misadventures at A Cappella Books (on the corner of Dekalb Avenue in Inman Park of Atlanta, Georgia).

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5. Decatur Book Festival (Metro ATL)-JustPeace radio show

The signed Golden State Misadventures master cut version, including LOST VEGAS (bonus short story), will be available for purchase for the first time ever this 5th of July.

Don’t miss this fun FREE Event&Party! if you wish to preorder a copy now.

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Ripley takes on SLINGSHOT

*Editor’s note:¬†Announcing American Culture Reporter as the new brand by Han Vance, which will focus on various cultural aspects of our world through the colored lenses of America, featuring Vance + other writers and artists.¬†

Davis RIPLEY Keller for American Culture Reporter:
Have you been to Athens, GA on a cool spring Saturday night? Flowers have bloomed and trees sway in the wind as shadows dance on the sidewalk around you to music that seeps and spills from rooftops and doorways. The streets are palpably excited and drivers cuss and corner for parking spots through crosswalks crowded with youngsters and oldsters, hipsters and punks.

Slingshot Festival tonight with old friends and new: our crew assembled for espressos and Red Bull, serious fuel for an evening of bar bouncing and club crawling. Slingshot wristband grants us swift access to events all over these fifteen dense blocks of the Classic City’s downtown.

From the Max Canada to the Manhattan for beers and shots, we strolled up to the Georgia Theatre for The Gaslamp Killer (of San Diego), where a raging tech hippie in a storm of smoke and lasers blasted to a packed house, before the mysterious sex wizards Crystal Castles (of Toronto) inveigled the people with cold chaos chants and mercy bells.

(Photo by: Clayton Brookshire 2016)


As the smoke cleared, I discovered we were down at the 40 Watt Club where an outfit called Double Ferrari ear whipped the crowd like a three guitar well-paid escort. She beat you then she licked your open wounds.

Emerging from another flash of intense light on a cloud of silver smoke with a face full of nitrous as the room exploded with profound sound, the lights bent and ricocheted above our heads; I ducked and then thought, Did that happen? It kept happening. Heralded Athens band Maserati was shutting the long three-day festival down, playing faster and shinier than new money. They mashed the throttle until the tires smoked and the engine whined like a frilly supermodel at a truck stop.

This is year three for the Slingshot Festival, which features eclectic bands from all over the world, as well as digital art, tech and comedy. I’m pleased to see the expert work and pro planning that went into making this annual badass, local and yet international festival earn growing national acclaim.