Cisco Adler Branches Out

Cisco Adler Interview by Han Vance, Copyright © 2008

I interviewed Cisco Adler at the Malibu Rum Party at Mason Murer Fine Art:

What did you grow up listening to?

My parents’ music first, then Hip-Hop: I was a Hip-Hop snob. Then I started branching out; rebelling from my Dad’s music…and it paid off.

How did you meet Mickey Avalon?

My brother and his manager were friends, and he opened up for my band, Whitestarr. I was like, “That’s why I was so…why I had been so into Hip-Hop.”

I hear influences of classic rock when I listen to your solo stuff.

Melody: I always dip into that. You can’t beat a classic melody. That’s why Akon and those dudes are making so many hits. They sound classic in a way.

Where did you grow up? LA?

Back and forth between LA and Maui with my mother, so I’m an island boy.

Tell me about Cisco Adler Presents. Do you produce, promote, write songs for others?

I do everything under the sun…Banana Beat Records is my imprint through Interscope/Suretone. Lisa D’Amato is my first artist.

I love her stuff. You don’t seem to have any genre boundaries.

As long as I like it and it goes with my vibe I don’t…Then I have Remi Nicole from London. She’s like a Lily Allen but a little harder and ghetto.

Shwayze walks up nearby and I recognize him from the Buzzin’ video and ask Cisco if it is him. Shwayze? I ask.

Shwayze, Cisco confirms. It’s all about Shwayze right now. A hit song will always speak for itself. You don’t have to say anything.

How did you guys meet?

When I was in my band there were always people around. He was one of the people on the couch. Then he started begging to show up at the studio. He would always come up to me at night when I was drunk. I was like ‘ just show up in the studio.’ We made the whole album before we got picked up. It was uninfluenced.

I briefly spoke to Shwayze next while Cisco posed for pictures with chicks that knew him from the Hollywood celebrity press or MySpace:

You grew up in Malibu?

Mostly. I moved to Malibu when I was really young.

I read that on your MySpace account, but you never know what is true. It said, “Only black kid in Malibu.”

That’s pretty true.

How big has MySpace been for you?

It’s been everything. I got so much exposure through meeting people on MySpace, people hearing my stuff.

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