I performed spoken word poetry at Urban Grind (coffeehouse) on Marietta Street on a recent Thursday. On the Westside of Atlanta, GA (not in Marietta), Urban Grind is located in the M Street Lofts and is my favorite spot to read in The ATL, bar none. The event is free each Thursday night with a purchase. It was a great read for me and a bunch of my friends on the scene were, you know, on the scene.

FIT was a hit with “Three to Six Minutes;” Imani from Grambling University read a lovely piece about her ass; Guilty Penmanship is a trio fronted by the vivacious Spenecia – they were high energy and their timing was perfect; Arcane Thoughts has switched seats and is now DJ Arcane; Cambridge is a real word-writer; the host this week was Sphinx and his weed humor and closing poem were appropriate; Cassandra owns the joint and sells a mean veggie burger on Ciabatta bread with skim latte; and my delicious girlfriend Jami Buck was there (kisses).

Twas a real solid mix of love poems, edge energy, musical interludes, live guitar and singing, and intelligent charisma. Urban Grind is an institution, and Thursdays are now sponsored by Douglas (of FLOWETIC – Wednesdays on Boulevard and North at the unnamed spot).

Your host at Urban Grind the following week would be my friend, InfraRED. On this night, InfraRED’s eyes lit up in the audience, when I busted out “White Face” for the crowd like so:

in white face

me the

first white

sambo pickaninny



wigga in white face

i steppinfetchit

on stage

to amuse

as social commentary

as jester joke

on white folk

in bespoke

or haute couture

saying “for sure”

for show

so throw dough

at me

your cracker

cube boy

mr. dynamite

your ice toy

only honkey

tonkey enough

to wear white face

in this place

get yourself together

get yourself together

lynch this

mob me

i sob see

don’t cry G

be glad


be mad

crank crazy

geekin’ freakin’

if you like

to get funky

not anymore

not this flunky


milk chocolate

yet i rock it

when i talk it

surrounded this place

by white

towers of power

while i shower

you glower

and glare-stare

while i climb-rhyme

one time

in white face

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