Atop it

Never Lived In The Sky Before

And I Like It

As I Suspected I Might – More – I Like It More

A Deep Affinity For My City

I See My Former Corporate Office 40-Feet Ahead, Right

I Quit To Write

Farther Up The Backside Of The Peachtree Addresses

Spire – Condo World; Four Seasons’ Rocket Ship Richness

A Cut Of The Federal Reserve Building

1180 Peachtree – I Got That Deal For My Bosses Next Door

The Parking Garage There In Shiny Silver

Is Evident From Here

A Rocket Ship Mostly Obscured Behind Four Seasons

Pinnacle Barely Protruding, Steps Cascading

Left Of Center, The Star Of The Show

One Atlantic Center In A Nice Dark Tan

Cresting Atop, Ascending, Atlanta

Grey-Green Pyramiding With Gold Ornamental Balls

To The Righteous Top, A Light Blinking Atop It

Signifying Atlanta’s Trying

Back To Be The

Most Successful City

We Can Be But

Let’s Be Wiser

About Our Success

This Time Around

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