Tuesday night was a very fun time. I started the evening at home with my wonderful sweetheart and then ventured to JAVA LORDS in Little Five Points of The ATL for an open mic read.

I have had this unusually strong sense of place of late and have been writing of Atlanta and Georgia and America. Before departing the house, I watched a wild Of Montreal video (they are actually of ATHENS, GA and are my current favorite band).¬†Along the way to L5P, I listened to the long-defunct ATL art rock band “BOB” (FYI: not nearly the same as the current local rapper of the same moniker). I was feeling my StreetLocal vibe and dressed to the nines in pink and tan.

Open mic at some places means strictly singer-songwriter, but Andrew hosts this event and also encourages poets and comedians. Also, JAVA LORDS is a coffeehouse with alcohol, which always adds a dimension to the room. I had a quick margarita at the wonderful EL MYR, next door, and then signed up to perform in the tenth spot.

The music was entertaining, especially the angst-fueled stuff by a singer/guitarist named Owen. A young singer/guitarist named Luke played a fun melody of Billy Joel’s Piano Man and an original he had written.

One poet other than I read. Missed his name, but he stands barefoot on a log, propped also by a wooden walking stick. His stuff had heart and seemed to me a call for a return in spirit to the simpler times in the South’s storied past – I saw him as a sort of modern day Walt Whitman.

More music while the “to go” nachos from EL MYR were ingested and washed down with a house drink called Spring Break, and then my time to shine came, and I did, reading 3 poems about Atlanta. The first was of my romance with MARTA trains (“I Have a Romance with the Subway”); the second was of Atlanta’s deserved title as Strip Club Capital of the World (“ATL-Strip”); and the third was “A-Town.”

And here are the last two lines of that final piece:

Frankly My Dears

I Do Give A Damn

…And I really do. May peace be with you! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I found $11 on the floor.

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