A flower for my father’s grave

I See Him (C) 2009 HV:

In that hospice room

Preparing for heaven

With slow familial good-byes

To the last woman he ever loved

To his progeny: children and grandchildren

An ex-wife and old friend whom had mothered his kids

I still see his frail body as he slept below me

I prayed over him, read scripture over him

Found solace in the face he had given me

That face I’d seen for so many years

Gaunt and too fair, yet oh so him

He rested in peace and awakened blissful

Unabashed, unshackled in joy

He smiled at his boy

First with those heart-piercing eyes

Then the silver-tongued mouth

He’d taught me so much

Told me no lies

He prepared to die

He’d even chosen his path

Out the window

The sky to Wesley Woods

And the infinite rest

Fair father, you were the best

Best dad I ever had

All misgivings forgiven

So I openly asked you

How do you like those woods?

Gorgeous said you, old man

Simply gorgeous, son

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