I Believe in the Lord

Last time I performed spoken word at JAVA LORDS in L5P, I found $11 on the ground directly after I read. My 3 short poems that night were about my beloved ATL – Atlanta, Georgia, the capital of the new, always most lyrically and poetically romantic and true South. That glorious green South of America that real artists across the world have always recognized for what it is: ALIVE! The ATL is easily the best place in the whole wide world to live, for me.

Tonight, I read again to a room full of mostly musicians and music fans, and this time I really pushed the envelope: In the supposedly unlucky 13 slot, I read 6 poems and took up my full maximum 15 minutes. I read new edge-art poetry, poetry about the personal failure and pain of getting divorced, poetry about my friend’s dad passing and poetry about my dad passing, and I ended back on that real, raw art edge. I felt great after I ripped my heart out on stage y’all, and the blood and tears ran. The small audience visibly cried with me. After, the host said he never saw anyone pour their heart out on stage like that and bought me a top shelf drink.

I cried alone and for real at the bar counter, sipping that adult beverage and missing Daddy. I glanced down, and in the same exact spot I’d seen the $11 – I saw a $50. I picked it up with my foot, then hand, as I’d done the first find. Oh my God.

Some of it went to a great singer I met, for her CDs. Before I performed, I’d just heard her sing that “Love is the most important thing.” So right – she deserved it. ┬áMore of it went in the tip jar … and I Believe in GOD by far. Bless you all my family, friends, fans. Starting today may you too begin again: Make life special as only you can. Don’t be afraid to be free, like me. Reach for the stars and be all that God has blessed y’all to be.

(Photo by: Han Vance)

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