David Engelhard Senior Jazz Recital Reviewed

I had no preconceived notions that might steer me to like David Engelhard’s Senior Jazz Recital at the Highland Inn Ballroom on March 29th. Though my girlfriend knew David from her past associations in the local music scene in Atlanta, I’d never met him.

Jordan is a mentor to David and filled the second set with smooth sax notes while David took to the keys. Tightly orchestrated and well played by a sax, keys, stand up bass, guitar, and rotation of two silly-good Jazz drummers, what a set. A graduate of Georgia State’s stellar music program, David’s first set was powered by his excellent sax playing, to an assortment of accompaniment. Very nice.

The aforementioned set two was solid Jazz until it ended with the PIXIES’ tune,”Where is my mind” and Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” Two haunting and memorable rock songs, they translated perfectly to classic extended play.

That set one was Jazz, in layers, smooth assorted layers of thoughtful Jazz including Coltrane.

The show was entertaining and packed with class musicianship, in a great venue where I once fell in love. So overall, I give it a huge thumbs up! Great Job and Congratulations to David as he embarks upon professional life after college.

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