Ode to Oakwood

We were never Cobb County run of the mill

Nor cul-de-sac shackled kings of the hill

We came to Oakwood to look and act weird

And be accepted, schooled, heard, cured

In effect, of that staid duality-reality

Education and thought in the mindlessly numbing suburbs

Near a great city in the making, rising to thrive like us

We weren’t necessarily the best and brightest

More most likely to be voted absurdest

In fact, you detested the sight of many of us

The mess and muss from the back of the bus

But we came together and got our learn on

Life lessons mixed with fun in the sun

Earth is zesty, an unpeeled onion

I’m glad I was born American-clever

A proudly freaky Unicorn, forever

Keep Oakwood High School alive

The only alternative to the hive

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