Fashion Night Out (with TI)

A late summer Friday evening and I’m at Strivers’ Row men’s fashion boutique in the Virginia-Highlands section of The ATL. Pretty people: black, white, asian and the cameras click while we sip free cocktails and the gear is on sale.

I tried, I tried, I tried to stay in and edit tonight, but out of coffee saw me longboard skating to L5P, where an ice coffee with honey led to a mood to good for home. And I recalled my friend Will – he manages the shop here – had said event Friday. It’s fashion night out. I’m a fashionista. I couldn’t stay in.

DJ MLK spun a solid mix of old and new hip-hop and our heads bobbed. T.I. co-owns the shop here and made his grand entrance, daughter in-tow. When he had a free moment I stepped to him to introduce myself. He’s more cordial than you may have guessed and more humble than he comes across in rap.

The night wore on before we wore out, the jeans sold, the drinks flowed. The Mayor no showed, but it didn’t seem to matter much because we’d all already had a nice time by 9 pm. And with my lady away on business and balmy weather, it was perfect for a boys’ night out, accomplished four-deep via foot, because safety comes first, and this is my side of my town. Glory to The ATL.

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