Traveling One America

Watching the finale of “Treme” got me thinking about the America I have traveled in throughout the past year and a half. First, the Crescent City of New Orleans – resilient and full of culture, art and music post-Katrina. Most recently, the Big island of Hawaii: diverse, exotic, gorgeous, volcanic, American.┬áRosemary Beach, Florida, an urban planners’ vision set by the Gulf of Mexico near where Spring Break was in the ever-distancing past of our childhoods; that strip of towns on Highway 30A is a beauty of an American slice. I dished up the Big Apple. NYC – the Capital of the World, and I was there to work, to meet the agents, and it went well, and the Chrysler building shone silvery in the sun. Perched atop Nob Hill, the highest peak in perhaps the loftiest U.S. town, San Francisco, I saw that American icon from my living room: the Golden Gate Bridge. The Palace of Fine Arts was visible, The City. Five divergently unique places – all America. Plus, of course my ATL and Athens, GA. Go USA! One America.

Painting by Georgia-born artist Jasper Johns:

(Photo by: Han Vance)

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