VANCE for Atlanta INtown Paper

Links to my transportation and greenspace articles for Atlanta INtown paper:

1. Profile of Atlanta BeltLine volunteer and activist, Angel Poventud:

Hero of The BeltLine: Angel Poventud’s ongoing mission

2. Profile of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. CEO and President, Brian Leary:

Behind the BeltLine: CEO Brian Leary

3. Profile of the visionary behind the belt line concept for Atlanta, Ryan Gravel:

Catching up with BeltLine visionary Ryan Gravel

4. Park Pride Parks and Greenspace Conference (Transportation Theme):

Parks and transit in bloom at Park Pride Conference

5. The Transportation Initiative for Greater Metro Atlanta:

Transit tax vote set for July 31

BuckHead foundART4

dude, those bucks are dumb numb corporate goodie two shoes non-art

but that doesn’t mean ATL’s most artless commercial area has no art

outside of the commercial art galleries in the tony BuckHead village

it means the real art in the upper third of the three jewels is found