Hawaii (down)

We bid a fond farewell to our Holualoa friends, as sad as I’ve ever been to leave a vacation spot with more travel still awaiting. Then we find ourselves out on the road in a big blue America unseen by most. Little two lane highway dropping down and around the Big Island. Like much of America, once you are outside any city it gets country quick.

We stop for a Kona Brewery beer and some fruity, savory snacks at a roadside bar. The local service is sweet, too.

Down, down. Singing Elvis aloud to myself when I see the blue, blue oceanic view opening up to us. We stop for a photo op with the giant Pacific Ocean behind us, and I get some great shots of my special lady friend.

{Photo unavailable to public}

Down, down. We have black sand beaches ahead of us and are approaching the southernmost point in the United States. Our home. Deeply in love and traveling in an exotic land, naturally intoxicating when at its best, this life.

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