Spoken Word

Public Poetry Performances by Han Vance:

1. Walker’s – Downtown Athens, Georgia

2. Urban Grind – Westside of Atlanta (multiple performances)

3. Klimaxation Lounge – King Historic District of Atlanta (feature performer)

4. Bailey’s – Theodosia, Missouri (feature performer)

5. The Georgia Center – UGA campus Athens, Georgia (feature performer)

6. Tazza – Berkeley Park of Atlanta (“Tazza Talk” host/feature performer)

7. Floetic – Various central Atlanta venues (multiple performances)

8. Kahuina Gallery – Hilo, Hawaii

9. Java Lords – Little Five Points Atlanta (multiple performances/Holidaze show host)

10. ART BOX pARTy @dooGallery – Reynoldstown of Atlanta (host)

11. Amavida – Rosemary Beach, Florida (solo feature performer)

12. Say The Word – Blue Mt. Beach and Rosemary Beach, Florida (feature performer/multiple performances)

13. A Cappella Books for “ATL Fire” – Inman Park Atlanta

14. Hidden Lantern for “ATL Fire” – Rosemary Beach, Florida

15. STICKS and STONES with Tom Cheshire – Star Bar of Little Five Points Atlanta (feature)

16. Alley Cat – San Francisco Mission (feature)

17. Tipple & Rose – Virginia Highland Atlanta (feature)

18. FIRST WEDNESDAY CONDESA – Old 4th Ward Atlanta (feature/host)

BOOK: ATL FIRE Harriette Austin Poetry Award winning full-length, on Silver Stone Press